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Strengthening With Fitness: My Cross Trainer Review

As you will know, 2015 was a bit of a wake up call for me, suffering a back injury that changed my life plans dramatically. While I wasn’t exactly bed bound, it did mean that I spent a higher proportion of the year than I’d like lying down in bed. 2016 brought a much better result, and now, here we are at the beginning of 2017 and things are getting back to something resembling normality.

Last year really was key in my recovery, and that meant changing a lot about my life. First and foremost, fitness became a big focus – not in the sense of going out running every morning, or joining the gym, but instead just looking after myself a little better and getting a bit of exercise each day. You see, I’m my own worst enemy in many ways, having many years behind me of taking the car to the shops when i could have just walked a few hundred yards, but there’s no point in regretting my actions in days gone by, it’s what I am doing now that’s making a difference.

Cross Trainers For Gentle Exercise

As I mentioned here, my lifestyle was a big contributor to my (lack of) recovery until I changed my routine, and now, I’m starting to really see the benefit of all the time I spent slowly building up my fitness and building up my strength. If you’re interested in how I did that, it was thanks in the main to my investment in a cross trainer – you can see it in this JTX Tri-Fit Review at this website, which rates it as highly as I do. It was quite an expensive purchase, but at the risk of sounding a little like a cliche, you can’t put a price on your health. I spent around five minutes every other day at first slowly working out (if you can call it that with such a slow start), slowly increasing over a period of months up to half an hour at a time.

Incredibly, the workouts seem to have anti aging abilities, as I feel younger than I have done in years and my back is hardly giving me any problems at all. As the video above shows, it’s quite a big machine and I found it quite daunting for the first few weeks. Fortunately though, I got the hang of it before my motivation faded, and once you get the hang of the motion, the JTX Tri-Fit actually feels like quite an easy motion to keep progressing with. I’d recommend that you have music to exercise to, or a TV to watch though, as half an hour can feel like quite a long time if there’s nothing to focus on!

So, if you’re struggling with persistent back pain, why not see if your doctor thinks you can benefit from a similar dose of regular exercise, everyone’s different, but hopefully I’m not the only one that will feel better and younger from a simple change in lifestyle!