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Buying A Salad Spinner: My Review

Since we last spoke, my health has improved dramatically. I’m still struggling a little with certain activities, but am now resigned to the fact that’s just the way life’s going to be. It’s mainly heavy lifting and heavy exercise I have to steer clear of now, but compared to where I was in late 2014 and throughout 2015, I’ll take that every time!

In fact, I’m healthier all round. While most of my improvement is down to the wonderful professionals I’ve had access to via the incredible NHS, I’ve also made a lot of lifestyle changes too.

For example, I’m doing a lot more gentle exercise and whereas I used to avoid walking when I could take the car, these days it’s the other way around. It’s amazing how I now prefer the option I used to despise – probably because I’m now feeling so much better. The much touted daily 10,000 step target is now something I like to be a bare minimum rather than something that used to be somewhat of long term goal.

What started as a tough baptism into exercise at the gym, and later on the cross trainer, I’m now converted to the importance of a bit of effort each day to stay in better condition.

More importantly, I believe, is my diet changes. No longer am I a frequent visitor to the golden arches, and contrary to my years of joking, they appear to be surviving just fine without my custom. I’m not saying I never succumb to a Big Mac or the temptation of a McMilkshake, it’s just a lot less common these days.

The key to improving my diet has been avoiding the temptation to change everything. I’m still enjoying most of my favourite foods as part of my main meal of the day in the evening. What’s changed is breakfast and lunchtime. I used to regularly enjoy a fry up first thing and pull into the nearest fast food drive-through to pick up lunch.

I’m now a big porridge fan – not something I thought I’d ever say, let alone admit to! It’s surprising how a small bowl of oats keeps me on task so much better than my old habits used to.

Lunchtime is now most likely to be soup at weekends, and salad on weekdays. It’s really quick to prepare before work Monday to Friday too, thanks to my recent discovery of salad spinners. It’s not something I knew existed before, but they’re great for preparing the lettuce leaves quickly. If you’re not familiar with them here’s a website that teaches you everything you need to know and is where I found out about them.

My former frequent lunch is no longer a burger, but a salad instead.

The fact that they dry the salad so well means that you’re not going to end up with a soggy mess for lunch, which would likely have driven me (literally) back to the drive through lane at my nearest McD’s.

As you can see, the change of breakfast and lunch was nothing more than a change of behaviour. I can’t say I really even used to enjoy the heavy fuel I used to throw down my neck. It was just a habit I got into and finally climbed out from.

We hear it time and time again on TV. It doesn’t matter whether it’s people with weight related medical conditions or just those looking to lose a few pounds to feel better about themselves. There are countless adverts on TV for the latest diet or fad, but the simple fact of the matter is it comes down to how active we are and the number of calories we eat. Simply balancing the two means we can maintain a healthy weight – there’s no real magic or secret to it. Yes, there may be other factors at play, but these are the biggest and most important. Get them right, and you’ll be in good shape, in both senses of the phrase.

The fact that I’ve finally seen the blindingly obvious has got me back to my old self, and I’m able to live a generally normal life again. In fact, I’m probably feeling better than I have done for decades, it’s just that I’d not realised how bad things had got until my body told me in no uncertain terms!

I can’t say I’ll never sit in front of the TV all day again, or never binge on junk food, but I’m sure it will be the exception rather than the rule.